About Us

About Neurofeedback4Performance

We focus our considerable expertise and experience to offer you the leading edge in Leadership Development, Neurofeedback and Coaching. Uniquely, we combine all three.

We’ve worked in the real world, we’ve worked in the C-suite. We know what it’s like to be there and how to get there.

We bring together the latest scientific research, training, advanced equipment and practitioners to give you an approach that is safe and effective.

Personal Touch at Neurofeedback4Performance

For three reasons you can have confidence in Neurofeedback4Performance:

1. Successful approach – Neurofeedback brain training is effective at addressing limitations, bringing out the best in sports, in work, and in life.

2. Drug free – Avoid the risks of prescription or recreational drugs to keep you going. with our safe and natural approach to treating physical and psychological symptoms. Improve performance and remove limitations  WITHOUT worrying about side effects or dope tests.

3. Evidence based – Neurofeedback brain training has a long and robust history of improving brain performance.

Get in touch with Neurofeedback4Performance to find out more about how we can improve your performance. Call us now on 0207 118 0887.