Alpha Theta Neurofeedback

For some individuals Infra-Low Neurofeedback training might be all that is needed. Others looking for a more ‘meditative’ kind of state might consider Alpha-Theta training. Besides this deeply relaxed state, Alpha-Theta training can also very helpful for individuals experiencing (recurring) issues that undermine self-confidence and optimal performance. Examples of such issues could be persistent anxiety and/or worrying thoughts, that trigger involuntary and uncomfortable behaviours and continuously hinder achieving goals.

Alpha Theta Session

Often is recommended to start Alpha Theta training, after a few Infra Low sessions, as an important criteria of the Alpha-Theta training is that one is able to relax and able to let go of conscious control, to gain real benefit(s). For some this isn’t a problem at all, others can’t calm their mind enough and need some guidance in relaxing sufficiently with Infra Low training first.

Similar to the the Infra-Low session, the 30minute Alpha-Theta session takes place while one is seated in a comfortable chair. Electrodes are gently attached to ones head with a soft paste by the practitioner in the set areas for the Alpha-Theta training. Unlike the Infra-Low training, these electrodes placements remain unchanged throughout the Alpha Theta sessions. Information about ones EEG activity is obtained by the electrodes and this information is converted into ‘feedback’ by our computer technology. The feedback is presented to one (and ones brain) for 30min through audio senses while wearing a headphone. To avoid external distraction as much as possible, one will be asked to close ones eyes and/or wear an eye mask during the training in order to support a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Additionally, the practitioner might dim the light and a blanket is offered.

Alpha-Theta training at Neurofeedback4Performance
Gentle tones and environmental sounds one will be hearing via the headphone will reflect ones brain activity. For example, when one relaxes one will hear the sound of running water. And when one reaches a deeper state, the more prominent a sound of sea waves becomes. As the session approaches its conclusion the sounds gradually fade away. This change is deployed to quietly ‘phase out’ the session. The practitioner will wait until one is ready to speak to discuss the session and ones experiences.

Main effects reported after an Alpha-Theta session are feelings of deeply relaxation and refreshment. This has been referred to as the ‘clean window effect’.

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