Benefits of Neurofeedback

High Performance with NeurofeedbackWe all have experienced moments of high performance, seemingly without limitations: moments where actions are well timed, focus and skills perfectly combined and performance transcends the ‘normal performance’ level. However, if they occurs, these experiences are often short and seem to happen unconsciously.

How would it feel if these moments would occur more often? What would happen if you are in this high performing state more frequently? To be able to concentrate better on tasks, having a strong and flexible focus and feeling bright and more confident? Or experience more control over situations and intuition, with less effort?

With Neurofeedback we are able to facilitate these improvements in sport and business performance.

Neurofeedback is an evidence-based technology used by sporting champions, increasingly by executives and business people serious about their careers. By giving the brain direct feedback on how it is working, we can train it to work better so you perform better. The reality is our brains can change. Scientists call it neuroplasticity.

We call it being the best you can be -  in sports, in business, in life.

How Can Neurofeedback Improve Performance ?

Neurofeedback can be used to ‘tune’ well-functioning brains to perform at their peak. The treatment is able to deliver the same benefits as long-term meditation, which also has very positive and measurable medical benefits. And one of the benefits of Neurofeedback over talking therapies such as psychoanalysis or cognitive behaviour therapy is you don’t have to talk about your feelings to get results.

Neurofeedback has been credited with the following benefits:

  • Getting in ‘The Zone’ – Achieve physical and mental peak performance statesMaximise your brain power with neurofeedback
  • Improved Intelligence – An increase of 10-12 IQ points has been demonstrated
  • Improve Emotional Intelligence (EQ) – EQ has been shown to be more important than IQ in getting ahead in life
  • Better relationships – Improve the key relationships in your life
  • Feel good – Improve your overall satisfaction with life
  • More creative – whether in business or your personal life
  • Expand awareness – Improve your intuition and sensory awareness
  • Get on in life – Fast track your career with peak brain performance
  • Don’t get stuck – Avoid executive career stallers

Neurofeedback4Performance can offer programmes to deliver peak performance and personal development. You will get personal attention from our practitioners. You are not just a number to us, you will be listened to and we will get to know your specific targets. We know no two people are the same, so we ensure that our training is customised around you.

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Who else uses Neurofeedback and what for?

For many years Neurofeedback has been used to help treat physiological and mental symptoms resulting from (more severe) brain deregulation, including ADHD, anxiety, anger, epilepsy, depression and migraine.

Neurofeedback; Reaching Peak PerformanceAs the equipment has become more portable, more affordable and more doctors and clients have become aware of its potential, the number of clients has grown considerably.

In addition, Neurofeedback has been used by an increasing variety of clients seeking peak performance. Because these clients see Neurofeedback as a valuable differentiator, the details of their use are often kept secret, but applications include:


  • This Wall Street Journal article describes how professional and amateur golfers are using Neurofeedback to maximise their performance.


  • The Italian football team that won the 2006 World Cup used Neurofeedback, described here.
  • Chelsea FC are believed to have been using Neurofeedback since 2009 in the “Mind Room” set up by Bruno Demichelis who first applied the technology as Head of Sports Science at AC Milan.

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