Personal Development and Neurofeedback

How Neurofeedback Can Help Personal and Self-Development

In addition to ‘tuning’ well-functioning brains to perform at their peak, Neurofeedback can help with personal development. It can bring improvement of more severe symptoms of brain deregulation, including sleep difficulties, ADHD-symptoms (i.e. lack of focus, difficulties planning), anger, anxiety, epilepsy, depression and migraine. And by improving  physiological and emotional stability, self-esteem and confidence is assisted as well.

The training is able to deliver the same benefits as long-term meditation, which also has very positive and measurable medical benefits.

One of the things that makes Neurofeedback different from conventional talking therapies such as counseling or psychotherapy is that you don’t have to talk about uncomfortable feelings with a stranger. It’s not that we don’t think it’s good to talk – we do – but we realise some high achievers don’t want to do this.

We can provide the tools to get you to a place where you can process your thoughts and feelings about life events, so that you own the feelings and the feelings don’t own you any more.

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