Infra-Low Neurofeedback

Infra Low Neurofeedback, also called ‘Infra-Low Frequency Bipolar training’, is a technique to achieve physiological self-regulation and efficient self-control. In other words, with Infra Low Neurofeedback specific areas can be targeted that are involved in ones capacity to self-regulate and control him- or herself. Examples of areas are impulse control, planning and organisation, timing, reading and calculation skills, impatience, stress, physical calming, sleeping and many more.

At Neurofeedback4Performance we first focus on specific improvements one would like to achieve and/or limitations experienced, as this will tell us in which area (i.e. parietal, temporal, pre-frontal) should be targeted and how we should train these areas to enhance improvement (i.e. electrode placements).

Infra Low Neurofeedback session

Prior the actual Infra Low Neurofeedback sessions, an assessment will take place in order to develop a Personal Training Plan, consisting of the training goals and chosen electrode placements to reach that goal.

Infra-Low Frequency Bipolar training 1Before starting the 30 minute Infra-Low training session any feedback from previous sessions will be discussed with the practitioner to determine any alterations to the training. The training itself then takes place while one is seated in a comfortable chair in front of a TV screen. Electrodes are gently attached to ones head with a soft paste by the practitioner in the target areas. Information about ones EEG activity in these specific areas is obtained by the electrodes and this information is converted into ‘feedback’ by our computer technology. The feedback is presented to one (and ones brain) for 30min through either video (games), audio or if desirable tactile senses. The only thing one has to do is to ‘relax’.

Throughout the session the practitioner checks how one is feeling and might adjust the treatment plan and/or change electrodes placements if necessary.  After 30min the feedback stops, the electrodes are removed and the session ends.

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