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Are you a ‘High Potential’ employee ? Do you believe your learning and development is advancing as fast as it could ? Does your career deserve the best available development acceleration technology ?

Despite £millions spent annually on learning & development, the reality is most ‘leadership development’ professionals don’t actually know what leadership development is.

Good to Great by Jim CollinsMany of you will have read ‘Good to Great’ by Jim Collins, a research-based project that found the companies that consistently outperformed their peers and the stock market by 7 times the average.

Good to Great Company PerformanceThen they studied these companies to understand exactly what they did, or had, that was different. They found what they described as Level 5 Leaders, who blended ‘extreme personal humility with intense professional will’ at the helm of every ‘Good to Great’ company.

The bad news is Collins concluded that the inner development of Level 5 Leaders was a ‘black box’ – they didn’t understand it. The good news is we do.

The essence of leadership development is perspective, the ability to see the big picture, the ability to perceive, understand and shape complex relationships, including our relationship with ourselves, solve complex problems and to navigate through increasingly complex environments.

An excellent summary explanation of this was published in the Harvard Business Review in 2005 – ‘The Seven Transformations of Leadership’ ,  which can be downloaded from this site.

Leadership AgilityLeadership Agility, an extremely readable book by Bill Joiner and Stephen Josephs also explains this concept in more depth.

So if this information is widely available, why isn’t this understanding more widespread ? The elephant in many boardrooms is that most senior leaders don’t have sufficient perspective to even get the concept.

Studies demonstrate that without this perspective it is extremely hard, if not impossible, to lead organisations through transformational change. This includes understanding what development is and creating strategies to encourage or accelerate it.

The good news is that there is tremendous potential for improvement in senior leadership perspective. The even better news is that development of perspective can be accelerated – two of the tools to help are Coaching and Neurofeedback:

  • Coaching can help you to understand the edges of your current perspective and identify the steps you can take to ‘push the envelope’ and grow to the next level.
  • Neurofeedback can work at a deeper level in the brain, enhancing perspective by exercising the part of your consciousness that observes your own thinking.

Strengthening this capability provides increased resilience, focus and allows you to increasingly be ‘comfortable being uncomfortable’ as you navigate the challenges of increasingly complex and senior roles.

High Potential Development & Career Growth

Neurofeedback4Performance is unique in the UK in being able to offer Executive Coaching from a Masters’ qualified Executive Coach who is also trained in Neurofeedback and has worked at C-level as Executive, Coach and Consultant within multiple UK blue chip organisations.

We are also certified in the Harthill Leadership Development Framework, which actually enables us to measure what stage you are at and give you tailored feedback on how to move to the next stage.

If you are a high potential employee (and at Neurofeedback4Performance we believe that everyone has high potential), call Stuart Black today to discuss how Neurofeedback4Performance can help you to put your personal development, and your career, on the fastest track possible.

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