Our People

At Neurofeedback4Performance we can help improving performance with advanced brain training techniques: employing and training the best minds, applying the latest scientific knowledge and using state-of-the-art technology.

As the UK’s biggest and fastest-growing Neurofeedback practice, we use the world’s-leading approach to Neurofeedback and our practitioners are the best in the market. To ensure we keep it this way, we have very close relations with EEG Info, the world’s leaders in Neurofeedback for therapeutic applications. With BrainTrainUK you can be confident that as soon as the latest upgrade is released, we will be offering it.

BrainTrainUK uses the methodology and equipment taught, developed and practiced by  EEG Info, the organisation created by Dr Siegfried and Susan Othmer, pioneers who have led the field of clinical practice, equipment and trained thousands of people in Neurofeedback in the last 25 years. The equipment is constantly updated, we were among the first to receive the latest hardware in December 2012, and the software is continuously updated.

Whilst the sophisticated Cygnet neurofeedback technology involved can automate many aspects of training, every client is different and we believe the most important skill is the ability to take a client-centric approach to training.

Our approach has been developed and refined over more than 20 years and continues to do so, led by clinical practice, making our approach the leading 21st century Neurofeedback approach based around the whole client.

We see Neurofeedback as an important part of medicine that the medical community are still learning about. We complement and augment conventional medicine, spend a lot of time collaborating with the existing healthcare system, we are members of the Royal Society of Medicine and we have strong relationships with world-leading Dieticians, General Practitioners and Specialist Consultants.

Our experience at the highest levels of private and public healthcare means we lead the field in integrating Neurofeedback with your overall healthcare experience.

Client confidentiality is critical – unless you give permission for the details of your Neurofeedback training to be shared with anyone else it will not be.

All of our Neurofeedback Practitioner professionals have qualifications in Neurofeedback theory, equipment and practice, and have attended residential training courses personally taught by the Othmers and their clinical staff. We supplement these with qualifications in Psychology, Educational Psyschology and Coaching.

With one-to-one care and high levels of clinical excellence, we bring all these elements together to help improved well-being and performance. We provide services to maximise performance in different areas, from business people to serious amateur and professional sports men and women. In other words, any individuals wishing to maximise their potential with Neurofeedback.

The Neurofeedback4Performance Approach

EEG Institute - Neurofeedback4Performance approachAt Neurofeedback4Performance we use the Neurofeedback equipment and approach developed by the EEG Institute in Los Angeles, founded by Dr Siegfried and Dr Susan Othmer. The EEG Institute has trained hundreds of Neurofeedback Professionals and the Othmers have dedicated over 25 years to the application of Neurofeedback since the treatment dramatically improved the well-being of their son Brian, who suffered from severe epilepsy.

The Neurofeedback4Performance Practitioners

With years of educational knowledge and clinical experience, our practitioners are experts at working with children and adults with special needs. They have been trained to the very highest standards in Neurofeedback theory, equipment and practice at EEG Info, the company founded by Dr Siegfried Othmer and Dr Susan Othmer, based in Woodland Hills, California.

HCPCBPSOur practitioners are registered with professional bodies with codes of conduct and complaints processes, including  the HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) ,BPS (British Psychological Society) and Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), hold professional indemnity insurance and Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) clearance.


EMCC UKOur Executive Coaches are Qualified at Master Practitioner Level as defined by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.IET

The Neurofeedback4Performance Team

 Zuzana Kovacova – Neurofeedback Practitioner – HertfordshireZuzana Kovacova - Neurofeedback Practitioner

After attaining a degree in Psychology at Presov University in Slovakia (focusing on health related behaviour, stress and chronic pain) and working as a member of a professional team of doctors and psychologists, Zuzana was an active participant in chronic pain and anxiety research which was consequently published in a number of medical journals.

Whilst working as a psychologist in Juvenile Justice Centre, Zuzana had the opportunity to discover the powerful field of biofeedback. But also she was able to truly experience how the daily exposure to trauma, suffering and pain of others can leave compassionate helpers and caregivers emotionally exhausted and lead to burnout.


Stuart Black – Founder and Managing DirectorStuart Black - Founder and Managing Director

Stuart obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering from King’s College London and his Master’s in Coaching & Development from Portsmouth Business School. Stuart has worked in various roles and industries, management consultancy, and worked with the executive team at the Bupa Cromwell Hospital in Kensington from 2009 – 2012.

Particularly interested in the intersection of technology and healthcare. Stuart has had a long interest in Neurofeedback for therapy and peak performance, and credits previous Alpha training with Jim Hardt as key to his own personal transformation.