Improve Business Performance with Neurofeedback

The Executive Brain Challenge

Executives usually have well-developed and well-regulated brains, but consistently performing well at such a high level can challenge even the best brains in business.Aspects of Performance

Sports cars can be driven hard not only because the engines and steering are powerful and responsive, but because the feedback the driver gets from the steering wheel provides much more information than a standard family saloon. This feedback allows the driver to better judge how much further the car can be pushed to maximise performance.

Neurofeedback works on the same principle – by providing high quality feedback on the brain’s performance directly back to the brain, allowing the brain to respond, improve, and reach peak performance.

High-level sports performers know how important to be able to stay calm, yet alert and decisive when under pressure. This is sometimes known as being in ‘flow’ or  ‘The Zone’.

What if you, as an executive, could also perform in this state of mind when at work ? What if this could also continue after work and into your family life ?

Sometimes, despite many strengths, executive performance is limited by certain habits. For example, an otherwise effective executive may be hampered by:-

  • a lack of organizational skills;
  • prone to losing self-control under stress;
  • an inability to focus on details;
  • an inability to ‘let go’ either at work or away from work;

Neurofeedback can help to overcome such habits, and is particularly powerful when used in conjunction with Executive Coaching to identify any limiting beliefs that are hampering performance and could become career blockers.

Neurofeedback4Performance is unique in the UK offering Executive Coaching from a Masters’ qualified Executive Coach who is also trained in Neurofeedback and has worked at C-level as Executive, Coach and Consultant within multiple UK blue chip organisations.

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